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The correctly named 4 Pics 1 Word doesn't truly require much of a depiction. The application gives you four pictures, from which you need to conclude the one word that they all focus to.

That may be a topic over the pictures, it may a colour or a movement. Now and then the answer is exceptionally evident, off and on again it'll have you hauling your hair out.

To assist you the way, there are several choices for getting indications. In the first place, you can look for assistance from Facebook, putting the unpredictable level out there for your companions to help you with.

In the event that is a bit excessively humiliating, on the grounds that some of them are exceptionally evident, then there is a coins framework to assist as well.

As you play you are compensated coins for getting the right word. The aforementioned could be bartered for clues as you play, by tapping the related binds.

There are two choices here. The predominant, which takes you 60 coins, will give you one rectify letter in the saying you're attempting to surmise. The second, which sets back the ol' finances 90 coins, will erase a percentage of the letters that are wrong.

The aforementioned alternatives will help you limited down what the right answer may be, however they are noticeably exorbitant, as coins are earned just gradually. And yes, there's an in-application alternative to purchase more coins, which is where the planners are maintaining an specific end goal, which is to profit from you.

The application is unlimited (consequently the in-application buy) and sporadically you'll get an aggravating pop-up proposing you instate another application from the planners. We've opposed thus far, barely to be cumbersome.

There's not question that 4 Pics 1 Word is as of recently something of an excellent. It's not excessively burdened, its fun for all the family and its immaculately friendly. We cherish it.

Common Answers:

  • Hammer on computer screen
  • Car crash
  • Cars crashing
  • Drummer of band
  • Soccer goal
  • Hockey goal
  • Green check mark
  • Measuring waist
  • Dentures teeth
  • Elderly old couple playing game
  • Bridge over water
  • Picture of a bridge
  • Golf course
  • Meal dinner lunch dessert
  • Classroom
  • People on computer
  • Face of statue
  • Men in navy blue coats
  • Girl on side of road
  • Woman’s breast boobs in bra
  • Goats ramming each other’s heads
  • The behind of a man in jeans with a mallet
  • Girl pinching man’s ass
  • Glass bottles with cigarette butts
  • Little girl playing a game
  • CD disc
  • Baseball
  • Man in leather jacket with a bunch of women
  • Old elderly couple working out
  • Man trying on shoes
  • Exercise
  • Girl eating grapes
  • Numbers
  • Car meter
  • Yellow tape measure
  • Monitor
  • Kid and mom playing with toys
  • Block of cheese
  • Karate
  • Tall building
  • Screen of connected dots
  • Broken chain
  • Cuff links
  • Web browser URL hyperlink
  • Girl running
  • Picture frames
  • Triangle ruler
  • Clay pot
  • Poker / gambling chip
  • Computer chip
  • Cracked glass screen
  • Chips with dip and pepper
  • Globe earth world with pins on it
  • Science test tubes
  • United States of America
  • Ice cube
  • Sunset
  • Weeks of growth of embryo baby
  • Stage with spot lights
  • Red curtain stage



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